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It is calculated that 3,000 people die every year in Italy as a result of asbestos. The most industrialised area of this planet (Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Japan and Australia) recorded an estimated 20,000 cases of lung cancer and 10,000 cases of mesothelioma in the year 2000. It is for this reason that one of our primary areas of intervention is that associated with the clearance and disposal of roof coverings in asbestos cement. A necessary reclamation that combines with the need to create people-friendly residential and business areas that are also built to serve them.

Optimising the relationships that exist between buildings and the contexts in which they are situated is a common goal that is to be pursued if we are to safeguard our ecosystem and improve our quality of life. Organising a status of wellbeing that can be enjoyed above all by future generations. A new path we have fully espoused, respecting the needs of the environment and the people that live within it.

amianto smaltito

2009   kg 501.500      mq 33.433
2010   kg 1.476.350   mq 98.423
2011   kg 1.731.558   mq 115.437

rimozione amianto
bonifica coperture amianto
amianto smaltito

When it comes to carrying out these types of operations AT, which is listed on the appropriate Register of Environmental Operators, works in accordance with the procedures that are in place for the specific type of work being undertaken, using equipment and tools that are suitable for the types of clearance envisaged by current legislation.

The process of removing and disposing of roof coverings containing asbestos consists in the first instance of an inspection the worksite in question. This is to establish whether there may be any critical issues and to find solutions that will result in the least possible risk to the environment and to the personal safety of our own workers. These individuals, who are regularly trained and briefed in this area of work, will, where necessary, take away and test a part of the old roof to check for the presence of any asbestos fibres.

Direct contact is then established with the local Health Authorities to which the job’s methods of operation will have to be submitted, in the form of the relevant "Scheme of Work", with a view to obtaining an authorisation to proceed. During the execution stage of the work, carried out by our operatives - all of whom are constantly trained and briefed on all the related risks and suitably protected in order to safeguard their physical safety - our company proceeds with the utmost expertise and care, handling the roof covering with caution and avoiding even the slightest risk of dropping or breaking it.
During the execution of the work instruments belonging to our company are used for taking readings of the concentrations of asbestos fibres dispersed in the air. This is to safeguard people’s wellbeing and that of the surrounding environment.

Once removal is complete, the material is transported to a waste dump that is authorised to store and dispose of the said waste material. To guarantee that the work is completed properly and totally in accordance with the legally approved processes the procedure is brought to a close by informing the Local Health Authorities of the said disposal, providing them and the client with copies of the relevant paperwork.

rimozione smaltimento gestione amianto cemento
The threat is serious, real and lethal and eliminating the problem cannot be put off. Freeing ourselves of asbestos in accordance with the time limits and methods provided for by law is a binding commitment to ourselves, the environment and to the society in which we live.

AT is qualified to handle all the problems associated with the management of construction materials containing asbestos.The work begins with the painstaking clearance that consists of the removal of the mantle, right up to the outer covering which, by making the existing slabs safe through the use suitable solutions, results in the creation of a new covering that conforms to the Client’s intended specifications.

The technical team will arrange for the completion of procedures and the fulfilment of all legally required obligations throughout the entire process.
The workforce (all of whom are in possession of a permit issued by the relevant authorities allowing them to work on all of the job’s different stages) equipped with all their protective equipment and clothing, will ensure that the work is completed totally satisfactorily, using suitable lifting equipment which is constantly and regularly inspected in order to confirm its correct usage.

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